Sustainable Packaging – Did Covid-19 change everything?

DS Smith and Ipsos MORI, a global leader in market research, have conducted a new study that reveals despite the global health crisis, shoppers still have their eye on the environment; with 85% of buyers wanting to buy products that use as little packaging as possible, and almost a third (29%) disclosing that they have stopped purchasing specific brands on the grounds that their packaging was not sustainable.

Regarding consumer perceptions of sustainability, the research concludes that whilst habits may have changed, attitudes have not, and it is these attitudes which continue to evolve. Notably, we discuss the extent to which consumers continue to prioritize sustainable packaging, and the willingness to act in favour of sustainable packaging has marginally increased. Furthermore, we emphasise the commercial risk for both brands and e-commerce retailers, in the absence of sustainable packaging and just how difficult it has become to ‘intercept’ the shopper journey.
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