Sustainable paper’s best kept secret: biogas (

Editor’s note from Kyle Field: Having spent 17 years working at a paper plant in a wide variety of roles, I am passionate about finding and sharing solutions for industries built around fossil fuels. The papermaking process is extremely energy intensive and requires thermal energy to dry paper, making it a challenging nut to crack. The path taken by Rolland to clean up its energy footprint is encouraging for the papermaking industry and serves as a model for other gas-consuming industries.

As the corporate world continues to examine how to reduce its environmental footprint, and more businesses set strategies with climate change in mind, it is imperative they use energy in a way that’s clean, sustainable, and renewable during their manufacturing processes.

At Rolland, we’re committed to industry-leading product quality, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship. This mission is driven by our employees, who help us promote a culture of constant innovation. In honor of National Energy Awareness Month, let’s take a closer look at this important component of our sustainable production process, including the challenge, the opportunity and the outcomes.
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