Tackling Recycling Challenges With Sustainable Mailers

There’s no question that consumer recycling can improve in the U.S. Currently, only about 32 percent of waste gets recycled. With the imminent effects of climate change on everyone’s minds, corporations and consumers alike need to take bold, sustainable action.

However, the role consumers play in the bigger picture is not always easy to understand. That’s why when companies can make their products simply and definitively recyclable, consumers can more easily take action.

Recycling standards vary greatly, so consumers have to grapple with different state, city, and community regulations to properly recycle their waste. That’s why there’s a need for common definitions and recycling practices, so consumers are encouraged to recycle instead of becoming dissuaded by a myriad of rules that change and can be difficult to understand.

Sustainability experts have found consumers need a little nudge from brands to turn their recycling intentions into action. If a brand or business directly assists the customer with their recycling ambitions, they then take ownership of the task and define what it means to be a sustainable operation while growing a relationship between themselves and the consumer. Ambiguity is confusing to consumers and will result in materials not getting recycled. The everyday consumer is likely unsure of what to do with items not clearly labeled as recyclable.
more at: https://www.pregis.com/knowledge-hub/tackling-recycling-challenges-with-sustainable-mailers/

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