TC Transcontinental announces the consolidation of its newspaper printing activities in Québec

Transcontinental Inc. (TSX: TCL.A TCL.B) announces today the consolidation of its newspaper printing activities in Québec into three plants, and consequently the closure of Montréal-based Transcontinental Métropolitain in late January 2018. The printing activities will be mainly transferred to the Transcontinental Transmag plant in Montréal, which has state-of-the-art equipment. The regional plants of Transcontinental de la Capitale in Québec City and Transcontinental Qualimax in Gatineau will also take in volume upon transfer of activities which will take place progressively beginning in early January.

This decision was made in the context of the decline in the newspaper printing market, and more specifically in connection with the upcoming end of the printing of La Presse newspaper. The plant closure will enable the Corporation to optimize its newspaper printing platform in order to stay competitive. Customers will continue to be served with quality products by TC Transcontinental Printing’s network and its talented teams.

The Transcontinental Métropolitain plant currently has close to 60 employees. TC Transcontinental believes it will be able to offer employment opportunities to the majority of them within its other business units since there are several positions to be filled at the moment and others that will need to be filled in the coming months. Nevertheless, some job losses will result from the closure of the plant. TC Transcontinental would like to thank all employees for the exceptional work they have accomplished at Transcontinental Métropolitain and wishes them the very best in their professional journey, whether it continues at TC Transcontinental or leads them to new horizons.

We note that Transcontinental Métropolitain was built in 2003 and, in its early days, was primarily dedicated to printing La Presse daily newspaper and its related products. Over the years, other products, namely newspapers of independent publishers and those of TC Media, were added on to the plant’s book of business.

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