Technology development with a focus on enhanced low-impact approach in forestry

The forest industry is currently mobilizing for a unique project to promote a more low-impact approach to forestry. Komatsu Forest, SCA and the entire forest industry will collaborate to investigate the possibility of developing a low-impact machine, the benefits of which would include less driving damage in the forest.

The project involves developing a new generation of forestry machines for more sustainable and low-impact forestry. The idea is to develop a machine that, with low ground pressure, causes less driving damage in the forest and improved driver comfort, at the same time as productivity can increase and there is a more even flow of timber for industry over the year. This collaboration is unique because all of the major forest companies in Sweden are supporting the project.

“Climate Change influences the possibilities of conducting low-impact forestry because we are having shorter periods during which the ground is frozen. This makes it one of the forest industry’s most important development projects. We see opportunities by combining forces to contribute to a better environment with less driving damage, more even timber flows and improved health and safety for the operators,” says Magnus Bergman, Head of Technology and Operational Development at SCA.

The first stage of the project comprises a preliminary study to create a shared set of goals together. The preliminary study will determine the basis for the design of a concept machine and when any serial production could occur.

“Combining the forest companies’ solid knowledge of how to conduct forestry and our technical expertise, we foresee great potential in this project,” says Erik Nilsson, Head of Development at Komatsu Forest.

“We have been driving development for several years and have participated in other studies to develop more low-impact technology. We are very pleased that Komatsu Forest has now taken the lead on this matter and that everyone in the industry is joining in,” says Magnus.

The participants in the project are: SCA, Holmen, Sveaskog, Norra Skogsägarna, Södra, Mellanskog, Norrskog, Bergvik, Stora Enso, Billerud Korsnäs and Komatsu Forest.

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