Tetra Pak announces first collaboration with food processing technology incubator

Tetra Pak announces its collaboration with Fresh Start, a leading food technology incubator that works with a portfolio of start-ups to provide technological solutions to some of the challenges facing the global food systems.

As Tetra Pak’s first collaboration with a food processing technology incubator, this initiative will combine the company’s industry expertise with Fresh Start’s innovative approach to drive solutions that will contribute to improving food systems resilience. Its portfolio of solutions includes Bountica, a fermentation-based mechanism that prolongs the shelf life of food and beverage products and Alteco, a device which helps production facilities manage their energy consumption. Fresh Start is based in Israel, one of the world’s major centres of food innovation and investment.

Through joining forces with Fresh Start, Tetra Pak will be able to share its knowledge in developing new food solutions directly with food innovators in Israel through tailored consulting sessions. They will also provide opportunities for the start-ups to engage directly with Tetra Pak, assisting the start-ups as they scale up, with access to product development centres and support for research and development.
more at: https://www.tetrapak.com/about-tetra-pak/news-and-events/newsarchive/tetra-pak-announces-first-collaboration-with-technology-incubator

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