Tetra Pak highlights new milestones in latest Sustainability Report

Tetra Pak published its annual Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s achievements and progress in the last year and detailing the actions to help realise resilient and sustainable food systems.

The sustainability challenges underscore the need for a radical new approach to the way we feed the world while minimising the impact on the planet. From how we source, produce and process our food, to its transportation, the materials we use to package it, and the critical role of collaborations in making it happen.

Adolfo Orive, President & CEO at Tetra Pak, said: “Sustainability is not just in the agenda. It is THE agenda. We must ‘walk the talk’ by maximising our positive impact on nature and society, by continuing to embed sustainability as a key business driver and decision-making criteria.

“Our ambition is to lead sustainability transformation within our industry and our initiatives in this regard have continued over the last 12 months, working together with our customers and partners to support their own efforts as well. The cost of inaction on sustainability today is a world we won’t recognise tomorrow. Our progress depends on being able to embrace a mindset which drives both growth and sustainability for a better future.”
details at: https://www.tetrapak.com/about-tetra-pak/news-and-events/newsarchive/tetra-pak-launches-its-latest-sustainability-report

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