Tetra Pak launches Index 2023 research report

Consumers are now actively considering the environment alongside their individual health when buying food, according to Tetra Pak’s Index 2023. These environmentally conscious consumers labelled ‘Climatarians’ are willing to alter their eating habits to protect the planet.

The market for healthy foods is already well established, as consumers actively seek products that will have a positive impact on their physical wellbeing. But a significant majority now take a more holistic view: 70% say that healthy products should not harm the environment, while another 54% are willing to take responsibility for the planet and change their diet to contribute to a better world.

This dual focus is reflected in the rising number of consumers consciously reducing the amount of meat they eat, known as ‘flexitarians’, with nearly half of all consumers saying they are reducing meat intake or excluding meat altogether. The Tetra Pak Index, based on a survey conducted in ten countries around the world by global market research firm IPSOS, found that this trend towards meat reduction is a global phenomenon. 56% of respondents cite health reasons for adopting a flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diet, but over a third (36%) specifically cite the environment as their primary motivator.

The research also reveals that convenience is no longer king. In a marked shift in long-prevailing attitudes, 70% would sacrifice convenience for healthier products. The drive for health is also unaffected by the cost-of-living crisis, with only 17% willing to sacrifice food and drinks with health benefits in the current economic climate.
more at: https://www.tetrapak.com/about-tetra-pak/news-and-events/newsarchive/tetra-tak-launches-Index-2023-research-report

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