​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger achieves 3-A certification

Tetra Pak today announces that its new tubular heat exchanger with P2P (Product to Product) technology now has 3-A certification.​​

P2P heat exchangers are typically used by dairy, beverage and ice cream producers, and can also process products with particles. They offer up to 50% improved energy efficiency compared to Product to Water (P2W) alternatives through lower steam and cooling water consumption. Designed to achieve optimum hygiene, Tetra Pak’s machine is constructed with an innovative oxygen-free welding technique that eliminates crevices and potential hygiene blind spots, to achieve zero risk of bacteria aggregation.

Jimmy Moons, Tetra Pak Product Manager said, “Tetra Pak has been working with P2P technology since 1996 and we have a proven record of delivering more than 1,000 tubular heat exchanger installations with no hygiene issues. Our new machine is a continuation of this legacy and we look forward to sharing the benefits with our customers.”

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