The Advertising Ethics Jury Agrees With Two Sides On DocuSign

Two Sides had filed a complaint following an advertisement broadcast by DocuSign claiming that the use of electronic signatures notably made it possible to save CO2 and save trees. By confirming that such environmental communication is contrary to professional recommendations, this decision will help combat the all too frequent unfounded allegations promoting digital tools at the expense of paper.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, DocuSign France broadcast on June 5th 2022, an advertisement on Twitter and LinkedIn, including a message indicating “#WorldEnvironmentDay We only have one planet. Let’s take care of it. Join us in preserving our forests, saving paper and water and reducing carbon emissions”, combined with a video showing a surfer walking towards the sea, waves crashing on a beach and a forest, the following text popped up: “Together we have a positive impact”, “22 billion litres of water saved”, “Over 6 million trees saved since 2003” and “55+ billion sheets of paper saved”. This advertisement did not mention anywhere the impact of the electronic signature service offered by DocuSign.

Considering this communication as a clear example of greenwashing, Two Sides filed a complaint with the Advertising Ethics Jury (JDP).
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