The Future Of E-Commerce Mailers (

The demand for more sustainable alternatives has driven the development of technologies designed for paper recycling programs in consumable products and packaging.

Tough, affordable, recyclable and a viable alternative to single-use plastic packaging, paper e-commerce mailers like the ecoMLR are a more sustainable way to send small goods.

The pros of using a paper e-commerce mailer such as the ecoMLR:
*Cost savings – Lightweight to reduce postal and shipping costs
*Waste reduction – More efficient with less free space & waste than cartons
*Safe and Secure – Water-resistant with a secure opening
*Easy to use – Self-seal is fast and simple to use and forms a water-resistant secure package
*Easy to recycle – Recycle with your household paper waste
*Easy on the environment – Kraft paper is made from 70% recycled paper
*Premium quality – Kraft provides an ideal surface for showcasing your brand
*Local Manufacture – Produced in Leeds supports British manufacturing
*Advertising opportunities – Batch printing with your brand or third party offers to drive additional sales and revenue streams
*Reusable – Single or multi-use designs

Paper has a recycling rate of 74% and paper packaging has an even higher 83% recycling rate in Europe. Using paper-based e-commerce mailers is a more sustainable way to send small goods.

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