The Navigator Company and National Geographic Launch Environmentally Friendly Envelope

The Navigator Company and National Geographic have taken an important step towards protecting the environment by replacing the plastic bags used to encase their magazines with sustainable paper envelopes.

Around 150,000 plastic bags were used per year but as of this month, this is set to change. For the first time in Portugal, the magazine will reach its subscribers in a more ecological and environmentally-friendly form, made from The Navigator Company paper.

It seems a natural progression for National Geographic – a leading name in the field of popular science – to take such steps to lessen its environmental impact. Paper, of course, being natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable makes it the obvious choice.

By partnering with National Geographic, The Navigator Company is making a sustainable commitment to protecting the planet and through the new paper format that replaces the traditional plastic bag, it is drawing attention to the importance of reducing its ecological footprint and adopting attitudes that safeguard the future of the environment.

For António Quirino Soares, marketing director at The Navigator Company, “this partnership with a prestigious brand like National Geographic is a very important step for our company, which has always been committed to the sustainable development of the planet through the use of natural and renewable resources and the development of sustainable paper-based products. By replacing National Geographic’s plastic bag with a paper envelope, we want to contribute alerting society to the importance of sustainability”.

In the summer of 2018, the National Geographic Society launched the global “Planet or Plastic?” campaign, encouraging all local partners to find ways of reducing plastic consumption in their operations. “In The Navigator Company we have found the ideal partner to start this transition in Portugal, given the company’s commitment to our mission of sustainability in forest management”, says Teresa Vera Magalhães, general director of RBA Revistas, the publisher responsible for National Geographic in Portugal. “We are aware that this is the first step, but all revolutions begin with a first gesture”.

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