The Navigator Company increases tissue prices by 8 to 10%

The Navigator Company announced today that it will increase tissue prices by 8 to 10% in the Iberian markets and above 10% outside Iberia.

This increase will be effective for all dispatches from 1st of December. The Company will inform its clients shortly about the details of the new prices to be applied.

This decision was taken following the generalised and very significant price hikes in many input cost, notably in commodities like chemical products, packaging products (plastics and containerboard), logistics, and pulp, being the latter the main cost factor for tissue production.

The world index for pulp increased, to this date, 78% since January. Electricity costs are 3,6 times higher than in 2020 in Portugal; natural gas is 5,8 times higher. Similar trend is verified across all European countries.

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