The Page: Greenwashing Banned?

In the latest edition of The Page, we question if this is the end of greenwashing? With new European legislation and increasing regulations, companies are coming under more pressure to justify all environmental claims in their marketing… or potentially face a hefty fine!

You can also read about the increased focus that Two Sides has on the paper packaging industry, and a sneak peek at some of the findings from Two Sides’ latest consumer research report, the Trend Tracker 2023: European Findings.

Our popular recurring section, ‘Fresh Thinking’, provides a round-up of fantastic print case studies, which include: a food label that indicates when a consumer’s fridge is at the ideal temperature, a supermarket campaign that swapped discount signs for ones showing their CO2e saving, and Brazilian retailer offering its customers a printed copy of the country’s constitution at a 99% discount.
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