The Paper and Packaging Board’s State of the Campaign Report Highlights Impact of Sustainability Messaging on Industry Reputation and Preference for Paper

The just released Paper and Packaging Board’s (P+PB) 9th annual State of the Campaign report details the positive impact of its sustainability campaign on the paper and packaging industry’s reputation and consumer preference.

The national consumer campaign addresses consumers’ concerns about the use of forests to make products, showcases product innovations and plastic substitutions, educates why using paper products is a smart choice for the environment and reminds how to recycle properly.

“The campaign is making an impact with consumers,” says Mary Anne Hansan, P+PB President. Learning the facts about the paper industry’s sustainability practices and product benefits dramatically improves whether our core audience sees the industry as part of the environmental solution or problem,” says Hansan. “After hearing our messaging, consumers’ perceptions of our industry tend to increase based on our Attitudes and Usage Tracking Survey. When people feel like they are part of the environmental solution by choosing paper products, their likelihood of consuming more paper and packaging increases.”
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