The Paper Coupon Makes a Comeback


Paper coupons are cool again,” reports Marketplace, and being from the printing industry, we won’t complain. We’ve written about the rapidly growing direct mail industry and the benefits of developing print and digital communications that work together harmoniously. Now, in an article from Marketplace, which highlights the benefits that marketers are seeing from printed coupons, it’s evident that other industries feel the same way.

‘Paper Feels Special Again’

According to Marketplace, marketers spend $44.9 billion on direct mail. But it’s no longer just your neighborhood Valpak stuffed in an envelope, the pieces of mail, specifically coupons, are “fancy”, the article says. The printed piece has to be of quality, otherwise it could be thrown away and as Marketplace writes, emails just don’t “feel as nice” and don’t “have the same emotional impact as paper.”

The article goes on to report that according to an annual coupon report released by Valassis, a marketing firm, nearly 90% of millennials use the paper coupons that they receive in the mail. Additionally, the Data and Marketing Association reports that response rates to direct mail, free-standing inserts, ads and coupons is up 60% from just 10 years ago.

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