Thomas O’Connor Jr. to Receive the Stanley O. Styles Industry Excellence Award

The NPTA Alliance has selected Thomas O’Connor Jr., CEO and Chairman of Mohawk to receive the 2018 Stanley O. Styles Industry Excellence Award at the NPTA Annual Convention in New York City on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Tom has been a proponent of change during his career at Mohawk; early to embrace digital print technology, unafraid to model businesses that are cutting edge and willing to collaborate and partner with companies that others would see as competitors. Although viewed as disruptive at times, his appetite to innovate has allowed Mohawk to thrive through the last couple of decades under his leadership. Tom is the third Mohawk executive to earn this prestigious award. The Stanley O. Styles Industry Excellence Award was given to the late Thomas O’Connor, Sr., in 2003 and Walter Duignan in 2009.

The award is named after Stanley O. Styles, who worked for more than 35 years with the Martin Cantine Co., followed by more than 35 years with the NPTA Alliance. It is presented each year as the NPTA Alliance’s highest honor to an individual who has had a distinguished career in the paper, packaging and supplies industry. It is awarded to someone who has exhibited longtime leadership and service to the industry, as well as having made a positive impact through innovation and dedication.

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