Total U.S. Boxboard Production Decreased 2 Percent in Q1 2024

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) released its Q1 2024 Boxboard report. According to the report, total boxboard production in Q1 decreased 2% compared to Q1 2023.

The boxboard operating rate in Q1 2024 was 89.2%, up 1.3 points from the same quarter last year.
*Solid Bl. Folding – Domestic production increased 3% compared to Q1 2023.
*Solid Bleached Boxboard unmade orders were up 22% compared to the end of the previous quarter and decreased 14% compared to March 2023.
*Uncoated Recycled Boxboard production remained essentially flat (-0.3%) compared to Q1 2023.

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