Transcendia Increasing Barrier Film Capabilities

Transcendia, a leader in manufacturing and converting specialty films is excited to announce it is breaking ground on a 52,000 square foot manufacturing expansion at its Hebron, OH location as part of its ongoing commitment to investing in barrier film technologies. The new building will be equipped with additional multilayer blown and cast film lines, specialty converting equipment and a new testing lab dedicated to supporting new barrier applications in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial film markets.

Upon completion, the Hebron, OH facility, with its ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems, SQF certification and class 7 clean room capabilities, will have a total footprint of 84,000 square feet. The new building will complement existing barrier extrusion capabilities, including Transcendia’s most recent seven-layer blown film asset capable of producing films up to 78” wide with thicknesses between 1.0 – 10.0 mil. In addition to multiple asset investments, Transcendia will be adding to its application and process engineering team to provide additional technology resources for customers’ new application development. To support the expansion and 24/7 operation, Transcendia will hire approximately 36 new associates including machine operators, material handlers, maintenance technicians and supervisors.

“Transcendia has been producing barrier films for decades and recognizes packaging needs are more complex and require films that deliver advanced performance properties to protect products and keep people safe and healthy. The Hebron, OH expansion is the first of many significant investments Transcendia will be making in film manufacturing technology, equipment and application engineering resources over the next few years,” stated Tim Thompson, COO of Transcendia.

In addition to the breadth of manufacturing and converting capabilities among its 17 global facilities, Transcendia serves customers through its combination of technological expertise, best in class quality systems and decades of experience developing film structures to meet specialized and demanding film needs. “With our expanded barrier film manufacturing capacity and ability to access hundreds of resin grades, Transcendia now offers customers even more customization options to meet their specific film needs. We look forward to working with current and new customers on developing solutions that support the increasing demand for advanced barrier films and packaging across multiple markets,” stated John Bagnuolo, CEO of Transcendia.

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