Tredegar Surface Protection Announces Resin Index Based Pricing Plan

Tredegar Surface Protection (a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation NYSE:TG), announced today that it will implement a resin index based pricing plan that will apply to all products and customers, in response to unprecedented price increases and supply issues for polyethylene and polypropylene resin. This bilateral pricing model, which allows for decreases if resin prices fall in the future, will be effective on all shipments beginning July 1, 2021.

Citing growing cost pressures, Dr. Bapi DasGupta, president of Tredegar Surface Protection, said, “While we are seeing cost inflation in many areas, the increase in the cost of our primary raw material is the most challenging, given that resin prices have doubled over the past year. In addition, resin supply continues to be tight as a result of recent force majeure events and issues associated with COVID-19 conditions, including supply chain delays. We continue to focus on cost-control measures across our business and remain fully committed to delivering industry-leading product quality and supply reliability to our customers.”

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