Trust, Integrity and Transparency in Mercer Peace River’s Forest Management

People hold unique connections to the forest, whether they be spiritual, social, physical, or economic. As Mercer knows, it is important to acknowledge these connections amongst our many stakeholders and to do all that we can to ensure the forest is managed sustainably so that everyone can remain connected to their forest in their own way.

Operating in the Northern Boreal Forest region of Alberta, Mercer Peace River (MPR) holds two 20-year renewable government Forest Management Agreements (FMAs), along with three other deciduous (hardwood) timber allocations, totalling approximately 2.7 million hectares of Alberta forest. These agreements come with many responsibilities; one primary responsibility is to manage the forest sustainably and ethically.

Managing Together
As part of our forest management process, we consult and engage with Indigenous communities and with many government, commercial, and public forest stakeholders to ensure that our plans are responsive, diversified and inclusive.

The work of MPR’s planning development team is focused on building relationships to gain a better understanding of the forest entrusted into our care to ensure sustainability.

How Does MPR Build These Relationships?
With all great relationships, there needs to be a strong foundation of trust and transparency. Forest management relationships are no different. With Mercer’s core values emphasizing trust, integrity, and transparency, it is fitting that our relationships be built on these values and instilled in our forest management practices.

MPR engages and consults deeply with Indigenous communities to create the most sustainable and mutually beneficial plans. MPR also leads, invests, and meets regularly with many committees, advisory groups, and research teams, along with conducting many consultations with our stakeholders. It is through these conversations, and MPR’s strong commitment to ensuring a healthy future forest, that trust is built.
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