Two Sides 2023 Trend Tracker Survey Q&A

Josh Birch, Marketing Executive of Two Sides UK explains the purpose, value and long-term vision for the Two Sides Trend Tracker survey.

What’s the main purpose of the Trend Tracker survey?
The purpose of the survey is to understand changing consumer preferences, perceptions and attitudes towards print, paper, paper-based packaging and tissue products, revealing challenges and opportunities for the industry. Being a biennial report, it allows us to keep track of changing consumer perceptions and identify what the industry needs to do in order to improve consumer opinion.

What value does it have for the paper and packaging industry?
We see the survey as great value for our industry as it directly reports on consumer opinions on a number of areas within our sector. Covering a wide range of topics from forest growth and recycling rates to reading habits, packaging preferences and thoughts on mail versus digital communication, the consumer data will help to inform the industry on what’s working and what needs improving. This information may have been overlooked by the industry because its people are already familiar with the positive facts around their specific sector, while consumers may not be aware of the sustainable efforts being made.
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