Two Sides expands into Latin America

Two Sides, the paper advocacy group that promotes the sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging has extended its reach and launched the campaign in Latin America.

Two Sides has been established in Brazil for many years, but recently announced the expansion of its activities across all 19 countries in Hispanic Latin America with the support of entities representing the sector, who are part of the “Confederación Latioamericana de la Industria Gráfica”.

Created in 2008 by members from the graphic communications supply chain, Two Sides is dedicated to distributing information about paper and its use and combats misconceptions about the environmental impacts of print, paper and paper packaging.

“All the wood used in the manufacture of paper in Latin America is 100% from planted forests specifically for this purpose. Even so, it is common to come across information that seeks to wrongly link paper production to the destruction of forests and deforestation”, explains Fabio Mortara, CEO of Two Sides Latin America. “Many organisations have taken advantage of this argument to justify and support the extinction of the use of paper and the exclusive adoption of digital documents. Such misleading advertising is commonly called greenwashing”.

The CEO of Two Sides Latin America continues, “The raw material for paper and paper-based packaging comes from cultivated and sustainably managed forests. Disinformation brings great losses to the paper sector, and to the printing industry. For this reason, an important part of our work is to educate companies to dispel myths and to bring true information to the consumer, which is now available in Spanish for the entire region”.

The Two Sides initiative also has the support of important industries in the sector. “The creation of a Two Sides website in Spanish, focused on the Latin American market, with reliable information on cultivated forests, cellulose, paper, and printed communication is very positive news. It establishes Two Sides as one of the most relevant initiatives dedicated to enhancing our production chain”, says Leonardo Grimaldi, Executive Director of Suzano’s Paper Unit.

“The expansion of the Two Sides campaign throughout Latin America is important. We now have coverage in over 30 countries across the globe, and we will continue to widely communicate the significant investments the industry makes to minimise and reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Print and paper remain a versatile, attractive and powerful means of communication, and Two Sides will ensure this is the case for generations to come”, adds Martyn Eustace, Chairman of Two Sides.

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