Two-Thirds Of My Advertising Is AI-Enabled (

If you thought the punchline was going to be a Wanamaker paraphrase, “the trouble is I don’t know which two-thirds,” you might be right. But the point of this column is that AI-enabled media-buying now has a benchmark — 69.5% — according to GroupM, which devoted a chunk of its mid-year update to calculating that figure.

It also updated its own internal estimate for when AI-enabled media buys will top 90%.

“Two years ago, we said we would pass 90% by 2032. We are now going to hit more than 90% in 2029, three years earlier than we had previously predicted based off of just how quickly this space is growing and how quickly tools are being incorporated,” GroupM Global President of Business Intelligence Kate Scott-Dawkins late last week said during a press briefing ahead of today’s update release.
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