UK Poll Finds Shoppers Prefer Paper-Based Packaging

PEFC UK has welcomed the results of a Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) commissioned YouGov Poll, which showed that over half of the UK’s consumers visiting their local supermarket or food retailer prefer their groceries and fresh produce to be available in paper-based packaging.

The research revealed that over half of the 2,289 people surveyed in the nationwide poll, (some 57%) said they preferred their grocery and food packaging in paper-based material, whilst some 31% expressed no preference and just 8% preferred plastic containers.

The consumers surveyed were also asked how likely they were to purchase a product from a retailer using paper-based containers as opposed to plastic containers. Some 46% said they were more likely to purchase an item if the packaging was paper-based, compared to 47% who said it would make no difference.

The CPI poll’s findings also suggest that paper-based packaging materials have a positive effect on consumers’ purchasing decisions, as is evident from the 46% who prefer to buy a product from a retailer using paper-based containers.

According to the CPI, the findings also reflect that paper and corrugated remain the most popular form of packaging for consumers in the UK, with corrugated packaging being the most recycled packaging medium, as well as being one of the most engaging to consumers, due to its personalization and color printability qualities.

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