UPM joins China Sustainable Paper Alliance to promote responsibly sourced pulp and paper in China

The 10th of September 2015 marks a significant turn towards more responsibly sourced paper and pulp products in China. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), The Chinese Forestry Industry Association and the leading producers and buyers of paper and pulp products have established The China Sustainable Paper Alliance (CSPA) to promote the development of responsible sourcing and sustainable forest operations within the forest industry in China.

UPM is one of the 10 founding members of this Alliance. The members represent both domestic and international companies covering the whole supply chain of China’s pulp and paper industry. UPM is among international players such as Kimberly-Clark, Fuji Xerox, HP and IKEA as well as some locally significant players.

“China is today the world’s largest producer and consumer of paper products. At the same time the country faces  challenges of deforestation and shortage of timber”, says Ma Yuanyuan, Director, Marketing, Communications and Environmental Affairs, UPM Paper Asia. “UPM as the leading producer of office papers in China acknowledges its significant role in enforcing sustainable forest industry and this also is the main driving force for joining CSPA,” Ma continues.

WWF China hopes CSPA to show the way to sustainability for other industries in China. “WWF launches this regional sustainable alliance, aiming for an overall increase of supply and demand of certified and recycled paper products in the Chinese market. We are also expecting that this initiative can inspire a transition in other industries in China”, comments Dr Li Lin, Executive Program Director of WWF China.

The companies who join the CSPA are required to produce and purchase responsibly sourced paper and pulp products. In practical terms the companies take care of forests sustainably, know the origin of wood and ensure that all wood is legally logged. The Alliance also aims at increasing consumers’ awareness of the value of public recognitions as well as certified and recycled paper products.

“UPM is already today a frontrunner of these values. UPM Changshu Mill in China is in both the PEFC™ and FSC® international forest management schemes and our paper grades have been rated on highest level in the WWF’s Check your Paper system,” Ma tells. “UPM was actually the first paper company in China to achieve the FSC® certificate. Joining the CSPA is yet another step in enforcing sustainability on the Chinese market,”, Ma concludes.

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