UPM Paper ENA introduces a game-changing paper innovation at World Publishing Expo

UPM Paper ENA is pleased to attend World Publishing Expo 2017 this week. The annual three-day must-attend event brings together newspaper publishers, printers and news media executives, this year at Messe Berlin in Germany.

UPM is proud to introduce a unique paper innovation at the exhibition: UPM Impresse plus C. This pioneering SC paper is custom-developed for coldset web offset printing, offering a smooth, silky finish, solid images and a soft velvety touch.

For coldset printers the paper offers an excellent opportunity to grow their core business by adding higher quality commercial titles, inserts, special-interest supplements and value-added advertising to their portfolios. The use of value-added papers in coldset printing improves print quality, meets the varied needs of advertisers and thus increases press utilisation in commercial printing.

“The ultimate challenge that publishers and advertisers face today is marrying print and digital in a compelling fit-for-purpose channel mix, playing to the unique strengths of each platform. We believe that in this union, value-added paper like UPM Impresse plus C can make a difference and help the printed product stand out in the crowd,” says Olaf Schwemmer, Head of Sales, News & Retail in UPM Paper ENA.

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