UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill begins operations

UPM has received the final operating authorization for its new UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill from the environmental authorities. The start-up of the mill commences immediately, and first customer deliveries are expected to ship in May.

The mill has gone through a comprehensive and thorough permitting process. Uruguayan environmental authority has monitored the construction of the mill on site throughout the project. The operating authorization process has included several inspections by the authorities, as well as third party audits by industry experts. UPM has an extensive environmental monitoring programme covering water and biota, air, soil, noise, and socio-economic aspects.

Through the growth investment, UPM and its subcontractors will create 4,000 new jobs through the value chain, as well as approximately 6,000 induced jobs and a 2% increase in GDP for the Uruguay economy.

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