UPM Raflatac introduces new paper label solutions enhancing PET and HDPE recycling

UPM Raflatac is expanding its wash-off portfolio with new paper label materials that enhance the recycling of PET and HDPE. The label materials have received European certifications of recyclability from Institut cyclos-HTP for PET and HDPE packaging, and they are part of UPM Raflatac’s SmartCircle™ portfolio.

“We are determined to develop solutions for circularity. While plastics have remarkable features to keep valuable content safe until consumption, we also seek ways to increase the share of certified renewable materials in the packaging that go beyond fossils. Now, in addition to our multiple plastic wash-off solutions, we are excited to expand the offer into sustainably sourced paper labels. These innovations enable high-quality recycled PET and HDPE flakes to be used again as the label material separates cleanly in the recycling process,” says Sylwia Jurys, Vice President, Paper Laminates SBU EMEIA, UPM Raflatac.

The certifications verify that PET and HDPE bottles using the certified label materials are recyclable in the most common recycling processes. They separate cleanly from the recycled packages resulting in a greater yield of PET and HDPE. This allows the valuable PET and HDPE flakes to be recovered without contamination with the label materials. The flakes can be converted into new high-quality materials and may be used also within the closed-loop systems. This reduces waste, increases the availability of high-quality recycled raw material, and reduces the need for virgin plastic.
more at: https://www.upm.com/about-us/for-media/releases/2023/04/upm-raflatac-introduces-new-paper-label-solutions-enhancing-pet-and-hdpe-recycling/

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