UPM Specialty Papers introduces heat sealable and recyclable UPM Confidio and UPM Confidio Pro barrier papers designed for dry and frozen foods

UPM Specialty Papers presents the latest innovative additions to its extensive selection of sustainable and recyclable packaging papers. UPM Confidio™ and UPM Confidio™ Pro combine moisture-, and grease resistance with excellent heat sealing properties. This makes the materials stand out in the market and offers a concrete competitive edge.

In building a future beyond fossils, UPM Specialty Papers provides the packaging industry with innovative and renewable solutions from sustainably managed forests. Known for its high expertise in technically demanding papers and cutting-edge solutions, UPM Specialty Papers adds heat sealable products to UPM’s wide packaging product portfolio. This ground-breaking feature allows for a streamlined conversion process and an accelerated time-to-market. Made from renewable fibres, UPM Confidio and UPM Confidio Pro are repulpable and designed to be recycled in regular fibre recycling streams.

In addition, UPM Confidio Pro offers superior print results through all printing methods, resulting in a saturated outcome with sharper and more vivid colours. The combination of heat sealability, moisture resistance, grease resistance, and a mineral oil barrier makes it an optimal choice for a wide range of end-uses.

“Our goal is to replace conventional fossil-based packaging and increase the share of renewable packaging solutions. With features supporting both primary and secondary packaging, UPM Confidio and UPM Confidio Pro are recyclable, cost-effective and safe to use. The products offer excellent convertability and enable a visual look which makes brands stand out on the shelf. By combining all these elements, the UPM Confidio line of exciting packaging products are almost too good to be true,” says Tommi Heinonen, Head of Sales EMEA, UPM Specialty Papers.

UPM Confidio and UPM Confidio Pro are suitable as both primary and secondary packaging for dry, greasy, and frozen food products. They are FDA and BfR compliant and safe for direct food contact.
more at: https://www.upm.com/about-us/for-media/releases/2022/09/upm-specialty-papers-introduces-heat-sealable-and-recyclable-upm-confidio-and-upm-confidio-pro-barrier-papers-designed-for-dry-and-frozen-foods/

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