USPS Improving Service Reliability, Financial Sustainability in First Two Years of Delivering for America Plan

The United States Postal Service today released its Second-Year Progress Report on Delivering for America (DFA), the 10-year plan to return the organization to financial sustainability and achieve service excellence while maintaining universal six-day mail delivery and expanding seven-day package delivery.

“As we enter the third year of our Delivering for America plan, there is a new energy and vibrancy at the U.S. Postal Service,” said Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Louis DeJoy. “As I travel the nation meeting with the great men and women of the Postal Service, it is clear the investments we are making are paying off — and it is showing through our improved delivery for the American people and our business customers. The progress we’ve made in the last two years demonstrates that our plan is realistic and achievable. We’re just getting started.”

DFA Two-Year Milestones Include:
*Aligned for Operational Excellence: USPS is intensely focused on becoming the high-performing organization the public expects.
*Positioned to Financially Break Even Over Next 10 Years, Despite Inflation: Just two years into the 10-year plan, projected losses for the decade have been reduced by more than half — from $160 billion to $70 billion.
*Fostering Service Excellence for the American People: We have already reversed years of declining reliability and are closing in on meeting the primary objective of 95 percent on-time performance across all mail types.
*Converting 125,000 Employees to Full-Time Positions: We have focused steadily on stabilizing our workforce and have converted 125,000 pre-career workers to full-time career employees since October 2020, including 50,000 conversions between April 2022 and March 2023.
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