Verso Corporation Announces Price Increase on Coated Web Products

Effective with all new and existing orders with confirmed delivery dates of November 1, 2017 or later, Verso Corporation is increasing the transaction price of all Coated Freesheet Web and Coated Groundwood Web grades by $2.00/cwt USD/$2.70/cwt CAD. This announcement includes, but, is not limited to:  Coated Freesheet Web: ArborWeb Plus® web; Sterling® Ultra web; Sterling® Ultra TrueJet® web; Sterling® Ultra caliper web; TrueJet® Book web; Publishers Matte®; Publishers ThinBulk®; ArborWeb®; Influence® web; Focus® web. Coated Groundwood Web: Liberty® web; Balance® web; New Era® Matte; New Era® ThinBulk. The increase applies to all basis weights, bulks, finishes and related private label grades.

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