Waste Reduction Week: Our Commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Irving Pulp and Paper (IPP) has been composting 100% of organic residuals since 2004 to create Biomass Ash which is used by farmers on their fields. This has resulted in a 96% waste diversion of waste from landfills. Irving Biomass Ash is a registered agricultural product under Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations. The ash is the by-product of green energy biomass boilers at three New Brunswick JDI locations: Irving Pulp & Paper in Saint John, and our sawmills – Grand Lake Timber in Chipman and Scierie Grande Rivière in Saint Leonard. As a result, IPP was able to reduce its total waste by 2,914 tonnes in 2018.

Today, 96% of waste at IPP is being diverted from landfills because of reusing or recycling.

District Heating Network
The steam that used to come out the stack at IPP is now recycled and serves as a heating source at Irving Tissue operations next door. This environmentally friendly method – district heating – reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. District heating is widely used in many Scandinavian countries who supply up to 90% of their population through recycling and reusing of excess heat and steam.

This year Lake Utopia Paper earned Natural Resources magazine’s 2019 Industry Excellence Award in Environmental Stewardship in January. A $28.8 million investment in innovative New Brunswick biotechnology has helped to reduce greenhouse gases by 23%. The new facility turns organic wastewater into clean renewable biogas.

In addition, the mill has worked to reduce solid waste by 28% (2017-2018). In 2018, LUP also diverted 80% of its waste from landfills.
more detail at: https://www.jdirving.com/Waste-Reduction-Week-2019.aspx

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