Water Day 2019 – Conserving and Protecting

This World Water Day we wanted to share the efforts of J.D. Irving, Limited to conserve and protect the water that is home to many different species. Throughout our woodlands we have over 27,000 KM (almost 17,000 miles) of protective buffers around lakes and rivers. This is in addition to many conservation efforts with universities and environmental groups.

Working with Nature Conservancy of Canada the Tusket River Headwaters have been protected as one of the largest private conservation projects ever in Atlantic Canada. Since then, JDI has worked with local stakeholders and partners to manage and steward this site.

“This is a special place. As headwaters to one of the most threatened and significant river systems in the Province and home to several species at risk, this site is of significant ecological value,” said Craig Smith, Nature Conservancy of Canada Program Manager in Nova Scotia.

These water-bodies provide habitat for the threatened snapping turtle, American eel and brook trout and protection of their shoreline helps to maintain downstream water quality. The site also has potential for breeding waterfowl including the American black duck, Wood duck and Common mergansers.
more at: https://www.jdirving.com/Water-Day-2019-Conserving-and-Protecting.aspx

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