Why Pregis’ New Phantom Mask Is An All-in-One Protective Plastic Film Solution

Pregis’ new Phantom Mask protective film solution offers unparalleled protection for plastic sheeting while eliminating adhesive transference and decreasing waste.

Plastic is a part of our future. Everything, from kitchen utensils to complex scientific instruments, is made of the stuff. It’s found in equipment exploring the bottom of our oceans, and in technology probing the outer bounds of our solar system. Plastics technology is driving innovation in automobiles and airplanes, and home goods and healthcare. But while the things we make out of plastic grow, evolve, and improve, many parts of the plastics manufacturing chain are mired in “yesterday’s approaches.”

Take the protective film that manufacturers use to protect extruded sheets with. It serves a vital role, protecting the surface between when the sheet is manufactured and when it’s turned into a finished product. This film has remained largely unchanged for years — the quality of the film itself has seen some iterations, and the adhesive used to bond it to the underlying sheet has changed, but the fundamental process has mostly remained the same since its introduction.

This might seem like minor nit-picking. After all, who cares about protective film, right? But dig a little deeper, and it’s easy to see that innovation in protective films is critical. Manufacturers ask a lot of their films — they need to protect from the elements and survive being cut up, heated, cooled, stretched, squished, punctured, pushed, and pulled. And they need to do all of this without detaching from the sheet they’re protecting. That’s a lot of work for a thin polymer sheet to take on, which is why manufacturers are on a constant search for an all-in-one protective film solution like Pregis PolyMask that can avoid (or at least reduce) the compromises they have to make.

Enter Phantom Mask from Pregis, the most innovative approach to protective film for plastics in years. It’s tough, it’s visually pleasing, it’s engineered to stand up to manufacturing and fabrication stress, and it solves one of the oldest problems of protective films: adhesive residue left behind.
more at source: https://www.pregis.com/knowledge-hub/why-pregis-new-phantom-mask-is-an-all-in-one-protective-plastic-film-solution/

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