Wiley partners with the March for Science

John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE:JWa) (NYSE:JWb) is pleased to announce a partnership with the March for Science, a global nonpartisan movement that highlights the critical role science plays in improving our lives, understanding our world, and informing policymaking in communities across the world.

On April 14, 2018, more than 220 cities around the world will host marches where scientists and supporters of science can come together. At the rally in Washington, D.C., Wiley is sponsoring a tent on behalf of the National Council for Science and the Environment. Longer-term, Wiley will support Vote for Science, a new program that seeks to secure the long-term funding of science policy, by providing access to scholarly and scientific content.

“The March for Science brings together a diverse, interdisciplinary coalition of partners in support of equitable, evidence-based policies for the common good,” said Caroline Weinberg, March for Science Interim Executive Director. “Sponsoring a tent dedicated to environmental issues on the day of the march itself gives a platform to vital conversations around environmental policy and environmental justice. And as we continue Vote for Science through the year, our partnership with Wiley can give science advocates direct access to research, as we focus each month on different areas of science and policy.”

The National Council for Science and the Environment advances informed environmental policy through interdisciplinary research, scientific assessment, communication, and training. NCSE specializes in engagement that focuses on collaboration between diverse institutions and individuals using research and education.

Wiley is proud to support these two organizations and the work they do to improve the impact of research in communities around the world.

In addition to Wiley’s sponsorship of the April 14 Washington, D.C. rally, Wiley is also providing access to scholarly and scientific content for the Vote for Science campaign, a new program of the March for Science that represents the next step for science advocacy: securing the long-term future of science policy by linking science support with civic behavior. The program seeks to create a direct connection between science supporters and policymakers. Understanding the scientific context of the issues facing the world today, from the environment to technology and innovation, is foundational for promoting a greater understanding of research and the role it plays in the lives of people around the world. By providing access to research and information on these topics, Wiley can support the role evidence-based, peer-reviewed research plays in decision-making.

“Science is the engine of progress for humanity, with the power to improve health, the environment and our understanding of society and the universe,” said Judy Verses, EVP of Research, Wiley. “We are honored to partner with the March for Science and researchers worldwide to reaffirm our commitment to science and drive forward towards new discoveries and evidence-based policies.”

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