With Pet Ownership on the Rise, the Pet Food and Supplies Industry is Barking up the Right Side of the Tree

It’s no secret that the last few years have had their challenges – tightening economic conditions, supply chain constraints and the ongoing global pandemic to name a few. One of the bright spots for many was the opportunity to welcome a new four-legged family member into their home, – or simply spending more time spoiling their furry friends. With increased time at home, pet ownership skyrocketed, – as did the need for pet essentials.

It makes sense that the pet food and supplies industry has experienced continuous growth. In fact, by 2026, U.S. households are expected to provide homes to roughly 195 million cats and dogs alone. As people continue to bring new pets into the home at an increasing rate the demand for pet supplies (and pet food and medicine in particular) naturally continues to increase.

Key Trends Driving the Pet Food and Pet Supplies Industry
The pet food and supplies industry has grown into a formidable market, with $27.6 Bn in annual revenue. Looking ahead, forecasts suggest that it will continue its upward trajectory even as other consumer spending may slow. Several factors are contributing to the steady rise in pet ownership. The COVID-19 pandemic has created shifts in work schedules, allowing for more flexibility in remote work, which will continue to create better environments for pet ownership. Other factors like disposable income per capita, greater general acceptance of pets as true members of the family, and even time spent on leisure and sports have also contributed to the increase in pet ownership. The growth of the industry has allowed for a plethora of goods to become readily available to pet owners as well – with new varieties of treats, toys, nutritional supplements and even pet apparel to name just a few. Additionally, consumers have become dependent on the speed and convenience with which items arrive at their door thanks to e-commerce. Many of the pet food and supplies industry’s biggest players continue to adopt and expand their direct-to-consumer fulfillment strategies to satisfy customer needs. To provide a positive experience, it’s imperative for these goods to be packed and shipped quickly and efficiently, and without damage. This is where the right protective packaging plays an important role.

Packaging To Protect and Preserve What Matters Most
Pets are, for many, members of the family. The things they need to stay happy, healthy and well-fed then, deserve the best protection – be it on the shelves or in transit across the country. It’s easy to see how specifically with pet food packaging plays such a critical role, both in its survival in transit and its longevity on shelves in brick-and-mortar retail locations. When wet cat food cans are damaged during shipment for instance, that damage can result in unsafe food, leaving unhappy customers and hungry pets. It’s of critical importance to the integrity of the product and the protection of the customer experience to use the right protection for those products. Pregis HC Hybrid Cushioning solutions offer all the protection retailers need to ensure those products arrive on time and undamaged by the hazards of the road. HC has a proprietary square pattern with more surface area than competitive cushioning that prevents items from “bottoming-out” during transit.
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