World Cup Levi is Kotkamills’ newest partner in responsible sporting events

Kotkamills, a manufacturer of fully recyclable food service board, has signed a collaboration agreement with the organisers of the alpine skiing event World Cup Levi.

World Cup Levi kicks off the FIS World Cup season with the women’s slalom event on 21 – 22 November. Food and beverages at World Cup Levi will be served in cups and trays made from Kotkamills’ eco-friendly, fully recyclable board.

“Sustainability is very important to both collaboration parties, and we are working hard to advance it. We are pleased that the Levi event organisers have wanted to replace the traditional products with new, eco-friendly alternatives,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills.

The organisers of World Cup Levi have long been putting their attention on creating a responsible sporting event. Bringing the new partner onboard is gratifying.

“We want to advance sustainability in every way possible. The collaboration with Kotkamills is a great opportunity. Our goal is to make the event as eco-friendly and responsible as possible in all respects,” says Iiro Kaukoniemi, Secretary General of World Cup Levi.

In creating a responsible sporting event, a particular focus in this year’s World Cup Levi is health safety because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“A responsible sporting event is important for the athletes, spectators and sports fans. We are carefully monitoring the pandemic situation and working with the authorities in our situational assessments,” Kaukoniemi says.

The responsibility plans and actions of the World Cup Levi event organisers have also impressed Kotkamills. It is precisely these kinds of actors that Kotkamills wants to support through its responsible partnership programme.

“Responsibility is one of our core values, and we expect it from our partners as well. Sporting events are a good example of how several partners can work together to significantly decrease the event’s carbon footprint, for instance. It’s wonderful that World Cup Levi has chosen a large number of responsible partners who share environmental concerns,” praises Saila Kettunen, Vice President, Sustainability & Communications from Kotkamills.

Kotkamills has previously signed sporting world-related collaboration agreements emphasising social responsibility with the Norwich City FC and HJK football clubs and with the KooKoo ice hockey club.

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