WOW – Think like an advertiser… Be an advertiser…

Think like an advertiser… Be an advertiser…

Do you believe in advertising?  Are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is? Well here at Ink, that is exactly what we have done. After extensive research and market testing, we recently launched our very own “WOW” advertising campaign. Why WOW you may be thinking…?

Well it’s the exact response that we are getting time and time again, when we tell successful advertisers our new stripped back facts from the passenger data, and inflight magazine readership profiles.  I can tell you one thing – there is a lot of money out there waiting to be harvested!

If I said that easyJet Traveller magazine readers will spend nearly £12 billion on cosmetics in the next 12 months – WOW!  Or those same 48 million easyJet passengers will spend £28.3 billion in multiple hotels trips each year – WOW – That’s a lot of bed nights and money going around for the smart hotel company with the best brand recognition and client recall…

Just think about it – if you had a new line of cosmetics to launch, where better a place to advertise than in an inflight magazine where the huge and growing audience is engaged (some say captive), it’s a real person (not a bot) and we already know that exact passenger has money and they like to buy and consume lots of things (they can afford the flight and the Louis Vuitton luggage– right?)

So want some serious ROI on your advertising budget? Come talk to us.

Ready for some more WOW facts from our offices around the world?

•Ink advertisers reach over 65 million passengers every month
•1 in 4 of every American Hotel booked is by an Ink magazine reader
•20 million Americans are thinking of travelling to Europe in the next 12 months
•Readers of Atlas – The onboard publication of Etihad Airways spend over £188 million in the UK every month
•Readers of Atlas – The onboard publication of Etihad Airways will spend over €9.2 billion on luxury goods in the next 12 months
•Passengers on Inks airlines in the Philippines spend over $70 million a month in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Imagine what they spend in the whole of Asia

So it seems like once you have overcome the very first challenge in today’s saturated advertising market (that is to make sure that your advert is in front of a real person, and not just an impression from a “device farm” in a dark room in Shanghai) you second choice is ensuring that you are hitting your target audience. Well WOW – one of our partner airlines American Airlines fly’s 500,000 people a DAY! WOW and our magazine is in front of each and every one of them.
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