WWF recognises further improvements in UPM’s environmental performance

UPM continues improving the environmental performance of its graphic and newspaper and chemical pulp production. According to the Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) of The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), published today, UPM’s performance improved yet again year on year.

Published biannually, this Index promotes transparency and continuous improvement of the environmental performance of paper and pulp manufacturing companies. In the Index, WWF invites 80 sector leaders and evaluates their environmental policies and targets, as well as their environmental performance with regard to overall production of news, graphic, packaging and tissue papers and pulp. According to WWF, UPM has improved its performance in many ways. The company has, for example, increased the use of recycled paper and FSC certified wood in its fibre sourcing, and reduced waste to landfill in graphic paper production.

“In global business, all players should be evaluated against fair and balanced criteria,” says Päivi Rissanen, Director, Environment and Responsibility.

“We participate in the WWF’s EPCI every time, which is a good example of our transparency, and we are glad that our way of operating has received positive recognition. The index is a good addition to our already wide range of transparent reporting processes. We disclose mill-specific environmental information in the EMAS statements for our pulp and paper mills in Europe, China and Uruguay. On top of that, we give specific information about our products in our Paper and Pulp Profiles, available on UPM Certificate Finder,” Rissanen says.

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