AAP June 2022 StatShot Report: Publishing Industry Down 1.6% Year-To-Date and Down 0.2% for June

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) today released its StatShot report for June 2022 reflecting reported revenue for Trade (Consumer Books), Higher Education Course Materials, and Professional Publishing. The report does not include PreK-12 revenue due to delays in data collection but will be updated as soon as that data becomes available.

Total revenues across all categories, excluding PreK-12, for June 2022 were down 0.2% as compared to June 2021, coming in at $895.0 million. Year-to-date revenues were down 1.6%, at $5.5 billion for the first six months of the year.

Trade (Consumer Books) sales were up 0.4% in June, coming in at $652.7 million.

In terms of physical paper format revenues during the month of June, in the Trade (Consumer Books) category, Hardback revenues were down 10.9%, coming in at $181.3 million; Paperbacks were up 9.0%, with $253.9 million in revenue; Mass Market was up 16.9% to $21.4 million; while Special Bindings were down 23.8%, with $11.0 million in revenue.

eBook revenues were down 6.3% for the month as compared to June 2021 for a total of $83.0 million. The Downloaded Audio format was up 9.8% for June, coming in at $72.4 million in revenue. Physical Audio was down 44.1% coming in at $1.0 million.
more at: https://publishers.org/news/aap-june-2022-statshot-report-publishing-industry-down-1-6-year-to-date-and-down-0-2-for-june/

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