AAP StatShot Annual Report For 2021: Book Publishing Revenues Up 12.3% For the Year, Reaching All-Time High of $29.33 Billion

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) today released the StatShot Annual report covering the calendar year 2021, estimating that the U.S. book publishing industry generated $29.33 billion industry-wide during the year, the highest number ever reported by StatShot Annual. The number reflects a $3.23 billion increase, or 12.3%, as compared to 2020 revenues of $26.1 billion.

“The industry was firing on all cylinders in 2021, delivering benefits up and down the value chain for literature, scholarship, and educational materials,” commented Maria A. Pallante, President and CEO, Association of American Publishers. “At the end of the day, we know that books are immeasurable and timeless as they make their way in the world. Nevertheless, in an economy that is overcrowded with entertainment options, it is thrilling and gratifying to see such resounding affirmation for reading.”
report highlights at: https://publishers.org/news/aap-statshot-annual-report-for-2021-book-publishing-revenues-up-12-3-for-the-year-reaching-all-time-high-of-29-33-billion/

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