AF&PA Testifies in Opposition of California State Assembly Efforts to Prohibit Businesses from Providing Paper Receipts to Consumers

In testimony before the California Senate Committee on Environmental Quality, the American Forest & Paper Association called for the legislature to reconsider efforts to create unnecessary barriers for consumers to receive paper receipts at point-of-purchase, except upon request. The full testimony text can be found here.

Stewart Holm, AF&PA Chief Scientist: “Proponents of AB 161 have continually repeated environmental and health concerns about paper receipts that simply are not true. Paper receipts are safe for consumers and point-of-sale employees, and to make claims to the contrary to frighten the public is irresponsible. The scientific community has not established any health risks associated with exposure through paper receipts, which is why Californians have received no warnings about the dangers of handling receipts under Proposition 65. Furthermore, paper receipts are an environmentally responsible option.

“If the bill’s supporters were truly concerned about alleged health hazards of paper receipts, state lottery tickets, parking tickets, boarding passes and other government receipt documentation would not be exempt from AB 161. These legislators know paper receipts produced by the state of California are as safe as any receipt generated by local businesses, but they have no problem burdening business owners and consumers in the name of unfounded science.”

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