Ahlstrom launches LeafSaver, an innovative solution for the collection and ambient temperature preservation of plants, fungi, insects, and parasites

In the dynamic landscape of biological research, efficient preservation of nucleic acid samples is crucial for unlocking insights into the genetic makeup of various organisms. However, this task can prove challenging, particularly in the case of plant specimens where degradation can occur rapidly. For this purpose, Ahlstrom, a global leader in life sciences and molecular diagnostics, announces the extension of its specimen collection cards portfolio with the addition of LeafSaver, a card designed for the collection, transport, and storage of plants, fungi, insects, and parasites.

Unlike traditional preservation methods, which often require freezing or refrigeration, Ahlstrom LeafSaver allows DNA preservation directly on the card at ambient temperature. This eliminates the need for specialized storage conditions, simplifying logistics, bringing sustainability benefits and reducing costs associated with cold chain transportation. The card can also be shipped by regular mail without the need for plastic wrapping, such as a plastic envelope or bag.
more at: https://www.ahlstrom.com/Media/releases/press-releases2/2024/ahlstrom-launches-leafsaver-an-innovative-solution-for-the-collection-and-ambient-temperature-preservation-of-plants-fungi-insects-and-parasites/

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