Research shows food and beverage companies committed to plastic reduction, prompted by consumer demand

Today’s food and beverage (F&B) companies are poised to minimise plastic as a favoured2 packaging material, as recent research has unveiled that three out of the top five commitments made by business leaders to address sustainability challenges include the reduction of plastic usage.3 Tetra Pak’s research examined F&B manufacturers’ attitude to sustainability, now and in five years’ time.4

Half of the surveyed businesses pinpointed consumer demand as the main catalyst behind implementing new sustainable solutions within the manufacturing and processing arena. This echoes the sentiment found in a separate Tetra Pak consumer study on packaging.5 It found the intention to buy among almost three out of four respondents (74%) would increase if a brand talked about environmental topics,6 while 42% believe that an “environmentally sound package” justifies a higher price,7 providing the industry with a reassuring case for adopting a business model that reduces environmental impact.
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