Ahlstrom’s FluoroFree® Technology leads the industry in next generation grease-resistant packaging solutions

Ahlstrom has led the marketplace in the movement towards more sustainable solutions for fiber-based food packaging, and its new generation of FluoroFree® technology is achieving grease-resistance in the most challenging food packaging applications.

“We have been on a continuous development journey of our proprietary FluoroFree® family of grease-resistant products for more than a decade, and we continue to push the boundaries on grease-resistance capabilities,” explained Travis Dahlke, Vice President of Ahlstrom’s North American Food Packaging business. “We have now proven our expertise, commercializing products that demand the highest grease-resistance in food packaging.”

Ahlstrom’s FluoroFree® technology has expanded to its PawPrint® line of multi-wall, fiber-based pet food packaging papers, in addition to its Tempera® Microwave Popcorn papers and Servera® Quick Service Restaurant products. For applications in need of fully sustainable packaging and grease barrier wrapping such as bouillon cubes, FluoroFree® provides the solution utilizing alternative materials to films and foils. In addition, Ahlstrom’s Genuine Vegetable Parchment products are naturally greaseproof papers that are also certified Home Compostable.

“We truly were at the forefront of not only anticipating the movement away from traditionally used PFAS chemicals in the packaging industry, but we have worked directly with the sustainability community and brand owners to act on these changes even before the marketplace demanded such change,” said Mark Ushpol, Executive Vice President of Ahlstrom’s Food & Consumer Packaging Division. “This has now positioned us to develop these next generations of sustainable, grease-resistant barrier properties well-ahead of rest of the industry.”

Innovative FluoroFree® papers meet the compositional requirements for food contact papers under FDA and EU Regulations, as well as BfR Recommendations. FluoroFree® papers meet the legislative requirements on PFAS content set forth by The Danish Ministry of Environment
and Food, as well as PFAS limits as established by the Biodegradable Products Institute BPI®). FluoroFree® is designed for recyclability and certified compostable by BPI® Biodegradable Products Institute.

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