All in for Forests: Community and family forest’s journeys to FSC

Communities, family forest owners, and Indigenous Peoples have long been the unsung heroes of forest stewardship, their intimate connection to the land shaping sustainable practices for generations. As custodians of the world’s forests, their role is pivotal in preserving biodiversity and ensuring the long-term health of our ecosystems. Recognizing their significance, FSC has the Community and Family Forests Toolbox, a comprehensive set of solutions aimed at empowering these groups and enhancing their capacity to safeguard our forests.

At the core of FSC’s mission lies a profound respect for the expertise and wisdom of smallholders, communities, and Indigenous Peoples. These groups possess a deep spiritual connection to their land, fostering management practices that prioritize conservation and resilience. Through the Community and Family Forests Toolbox, FSC endeavors to amplify their voices and support their efforts in sustainable forest management.
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