FSC joins the EU “Forest and Forestry Stakeholder Platform”

FSC was selected as a member of the new ‘Forest and Forestry Stakeholder Platform’ established by the European Commission. Dr. Marion Karmann, Senior Research Relations Manager, and Matteo Mascolo, Lead EU Affairs & Engagement, will represent FSC in that forum.

The Platform gathers knowledge and expertise on forests and forestry-related matters. Members of the Platform will discuss the EU Forest Strategy for 2030’s implementation, policies to better monitor and protect European forests, and closer-to-nature forestry practices.

Matteo Mascolo commented: “We are delighted to be an official member of the Platform. As a multi-stakeholder organization with 30 years of experience on the ground balancing economic, social, and environmental interests in forests, FSC shares the European Union’s goal of making forests resilient. We have knowledge, passion, data, and expertise that we are committed to share with the EU Commission.”
more at: https://fsc.org/en/newscentre/general-news/fsc-joins-the-eu-forest-and-forestry-stakeholder-platform

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