Allen Press Acquires First Brausse 1050SFi Automatic Diecutter and Foil Stamping Machine in North America

Allen Press, Inc. is excited to announce the purchase of a Brausse 1050SFi Automatic Diecutter and Foil Stamping Machine with Stripping Alternative. The Brausse 1050SFi is the most advanced piece of equipment of its kind on the market, and Allen Press is the first and only commercial printer in North America with the Brausse 1050SFi on its shop floor.

This acquisition allows Allen Press to produce superior commercial, publication and direct mail printing materials exclusively in-house and creates unprecedented efficiency and quality-control from start to finish. Our clients will benefit immensely as projects will be completed faster and more seamlessly without compromising quality.

“Along with our other recent equipment purchases, the Brausse 1050SFi brings Allen Press new capabilities and opportunities that most printers across the country just can’t match. That’s exciting for both our clients and our team,” said Randy Radosevich, Allen Press CEO. “We’re taking our products and services to the next level.”

With the addition of the Brausse 1050SFi, Allen Press greatly expands the types of products offered to its clients. This includes both publication printing and direct mail as well as commercial printing projects such as pocket folders, table tents, calendars, posters, marketing collateral, hologram stamping and more.

In addition to the Brausse 1050SFi, Allen Press also purchased a Moll Folder Gluer which will enhance publication and commercial printing by allowing cleaner and more efficient tab forming, folding, gluing, taping and inserting.

The Brausse 1050SFi is expected to arrive in May 2018. Contact our sales team to learn more about our production capabilities and how Allen Press can help solve your printing, publishing and marketing challenges.

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