ANDRITZ improves pulp mill performance at Mondi Frantschach, Austria

International technology group ANDRITZ has successfully improved performance of the pulp mill at Mondi Frantschach by implementing new advanced process controls.

The target was to reduce the variability of Kappa, an indication of the lignin content in the pulp, in order to run the process a step closer to its maximum specification limits. This measure leads to higher production efficiency in the mill because less wood is needed to produce the same amount of pulp.

As part of the optimization project, ANDRITZ Automation commissioned and fine-tuned three advanced process controls (APCs) in Mondi´s continuous cooking process. The controls implemented, including the chip level control for digester and impregnation vessel, the digester H-factor control (kinetic model for the rate of delignification in kraft pulping) and the blow-flow consistency control, were fully developed with Metris X – the distributed control system (DCS) developed by ANDRITZ Automation to simplify operational complexity, lower project risk, and improve plant performance. Metris X is a key application of the Metris UX Platform, a state-of-the-art digitalization platform that enables full functionality and support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply included the analysis of data correlated to Kappa, return of investment (ROI) calculations, an evaluation of the cooking process, instrumentation, and former Kappa control, performing of trials on the actual process, and the commissioning, start-up and fine-tuning of an advanced process control solution for Kappa stabilization.

The solution delivered proved better than the former system in all instances, showing that ANDRITZ Automation is capable of delivering the results promised.

Mondi Frantschach would like to point out that the fruitful working cooperation between the Mondi Frantschach team and ANDRITZ Automation was a key factor in this great achievement of further improving the complex kraft pulping process.

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